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Reports of ‘savage’ dog attack in Blackrock played down

Reports of ‘savage’ dog attack in Blackrock played down

Locals in Blackrock have played down reports of a “savage” dog attack in the village last Thursday.

According to reports in a local newspaper at the weekend a large dog savaged a smaller dog at The Square in Blackrock on a section of road between Birches Lane and Marine View.

The paper alleged that several motorists left their cars to intervene with one said to have fetched a golf club in a bid to get the Alsatian off the smaller dog.

They said the smaller dog had to be rushed to a local vet but witnesses claim the event was greatly exaggerated in the reports.

A local resident contacted the Blackrock Tidy Towns Facebook page to clarify the situation.

They said: “There was one large dog involved in the “attack”. The small dog was not injured, There was no blood, no skin tearing, no piercing.

“This is corroborated by the vet who examined the dog and also by the guards who have dealt with the matter, neither of whom were contacted to in relation to the incident by the journalist. All procedures have been followed correctly.

“The owner of the large dog did not intend for their dog to do this. It was an accident and no humans were attacked. The owner of the large dog ensured the small dog was safe.”

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