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Rotary Club’s Remembrance Tree returns to Earl Street today

Rotary Club’s Remembrance Tree returns to Earl Street today

The Rotary Club’s Remembrance Tree will return to Earl Street today.

As in previous years the tree will be in the town centre from today until Christmas Eve on Monday December 24th.

The tree will be lit until Christmas Eve and once again people are encouraged to create a personal ribbon to remember their loved ones who have passed away or as a special thought for those who are ill or going through a tough time.

There is no cost associated with creating these remembrance ribbons but voluntary contributions are much appreciated. All money received will be donated to local charities including The Birches, North Louth Hospice and Homecare Foundation, SOSAD, food parcels, Meals on Wheels and other charities supported by Dundalk Rotary.

Ribbons will be on sale at the tree from 11am to 5pm each day until Christmas Eve.

Remembrance ribbons will remain attached to the tree over the entire Christmas period prior to their removal and incineration on January 6th.

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