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Rubbish on Market Square should not be allowed to build up

Rubbish on Market Square should not be allowed to build up

Millions were pumped into the upgrade of the Market Square in recent years and yet it has become something of an eyesore of late.

The Square itself is fine but the sight of more than half a dozen bins overfilled with rubbish has left one of the town’s most picturesque areas looking and smelling dirty.

The focal point of the town, where stalls – some of which sell food produce – are frequently present, this type of scene should not be visible at any stage.

Yet the matter, highlighted earlier today on the Dundalk Northend and Friends Facebook page, claims that these bins have been lying there in this state outside the Ulster Bank building for over a week now.

To make matters worse, some of the bins were toppled, resulting in the rubbish spewing onto the street.

A clean-up operation by contractors was quickly put into force but surely this sort of problem shouldn’t be allowed to occur in the first place.

The Market Square is one of Dundalk’s major selling points. We don’t need to give people reasons to be put off from coming there.


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