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Showery few days ahead before gradual improvement next week

Showery few days ahead before gradual improvement next week

We’re in for a showery few days on the local weather front before a gradual improvement next week.

That’s the verdict of Louth Weather in their local forecast for the weekend ahead.

Louth Weather said: “Low pressure is the dominant influence on our weather over the coming days, bringing unsettled and showery conditions. But with the Jetstream positioned away to our South and pressure rising slowly, it’s looking like a gradual improvement into next week.

“THURSDAY – An area of low pressure is centred over us this morning. This will result in mostly cloudy weather. There’ll be showers today too, with a few heavy ones likely. Very little wind to begin, but it will pick up from the NW as the low slips away to the east. Cold at 9°C. Cloudy but mostly dry tonight with just a few showers. Minimum 6°C.

“FRIDAY – A dry sunny start. Cloud increasing late morning and into the afternoon. Showers through the afternoon. Drier towards evening. Moderate Westerly winds. Max 12°C.

“SATURDAY – A few showers about, but overall a better day with many places starting dry. Quite cloudy, with the best of the sunshine early in the day. Moderate to fresh NW winds. Max 13°C. Cold Saturday night at 4°C.

“SUNDAY – Looks dry but mostly cloudy. Light to moderate, mainly easterly winds. Max 13°C.

“MONDAY and TUESDAY – A further improvement with dry conditions, increasing amounts of sunshine, but that easterly wind makes its presence felt again. Temperatures into the mid-teens.

“FURTHER OUTLOOK – Early indications suggest an all right run of weather. Overall it looks dry but cloudy and that easterly wind looks set to keep it on the cool side.”

You can follow Louth Weather’s updates here.