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Sites of historical significance uncovered at Haynestown and Haggardstown

Sites of historical significance uncovered at Haynestown and Haggardstown

Nineteen sites of historical significance, some dating back thousands of years before the birth of Christ, have been uncovered in recent weeks on a 57 hectare site at Haynestown and Haggardstown.

Irish Archaeological Consultancy Ltd (IAC) carried out archaeological testing, geophysical survey and excavation in advance of a retail and residential development on the site at Marlmount which is currently being developed by Groveview Buildings Ltd and McGarrell Reilly Developments Ltd.

A comprehensive program of testing was undertaken over the course of seven weeks which identified 19 sites of archaeological significance.

Excavations revealed a significant prehistoric landscape which included Neolithic houses, a substantial Bronze Age enclosure, Bronze Age house and burnt mounds and an early medieval souterrain.

According to IAC, these discoveries represent an almost continuous tradition of occupation within the development area dating from the early Neolithic all the way through to the early medieval period in an area that was not previously noted for its evidence of prehistoric occupation and therefore makes a valuable contribution to our knowledge of this area during prehistory.

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