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Two Dundalk churches amongst heritage projects set to benefit from funding

Two Dundalk churches amongst heritage projects set to benefit from funding

A number of heritage projects throughout Co Louth are set to benefit from over €200,000 in funding under the Structures at Risk Fund and the Built Heritage Investment Scheme.

Amonst the local buildings set to be upgraded include St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dundalk and St Nicholas Church of Ireland (Green Church) in Church Street.

St Patrick’s will receive €6,600 towards the repair and consolidation of its sandstone screen and railings while St Nicholas’ Church will receive €10,000 towards roof and decorative ceiling repairs.

Other local buildings set to benefit include Daniel O’Connell & Son Solicitors at 14-15 Francis Street, who will receive €10,000 towards its chimney, and the medieval wall and head in Carlingford, which will receive €6,600 towards consolidation and structural stability works.

The full list of funding for Co Louth is as follows…

Structures at Risk Funding

SRF No. Local Authority Site Name, Address Ownership – Public/Private or Historic House Proposed Grant
SRF17/41 Louth County Council Rathescar House, Rathescar, Dunleer, Co Louth Private €29,000.00
SRF17/42 Louth County Council Whitemills, Ardee, Co Louth Private €30,000.00

Built Heritage Scheme Funding

BHIS17/LH01 Daniel O’Connell & Son Solicitors,14-15 Francis Street, Dundalk, Co Louth house chimney €10,000
BHIS17/LH02 St Nicholas Church of Ireland, Church Street, Dundalk, Co Louth church of ireland Roof & decorative ceiling repairs €10,000
BHIS17/LH03 Drumgoolin Thatch, Louth Village, Co Louth thatch cottage thatching €10,000
BHIS17/LH04 Beaulieu House, Beaulieu Cross,Drogyeda, Co Louth garden structure misc roof repairs €10,000
BHIS17/LH05 The Thatch Public House, Donore Road, Drogheda, Co. Louth public house thatching €10,000
BHIS17/LH06 Thatch Old Coach Road Dunleer house Repair stone cottage walls, timber repairs €6,600
BHIS17/LH07 Reaghstown Thatch house Re-thatching €6,600
BHIS17/LH08 3 St Mary’s Road, Dundalk house Refurbishment of original staircase €1,123
BHIS17/LH09 Whiterath Thatch, Dromiskin house Re-thatching €6,600
BHIS17/LH10 Whitemills, Dromin, Ardee* Also in SRF 17 house roof repairs in former Bleach Mill €6,600
BHIS17/LH11 St Peter’s Widows’ Trust Houses, Drogheda house – one of 15 in a unique set-piece “”The Alleys” Repair of internal structure and features €6,600
BHIS17/LH12 Nos. 1 & 2 The Square Blackrock house Roof, windows & gutter repairs €6,600
BHIS17/LH13 2 The Sycamores, Greenhills Drogheda house Roof, chimney & gable wall repairs €6,600
BHIS17/LH14 27 Scarlett St Drogheda house Remedial Works to wall cracking €3,808
BHIS17/LH15 2 Kelso Terrace, St mary’s Rd Dundalk house Repairs to chimneys to prevent water ingress €6,600
BHIS17/LH16 Mooremount Thatch Dromin house Re-Thatch & Structural timber repairs €6,600
BHIS17/LH17 Medieval Wall & Head Carlingford wall & monument Consolidation & structural stability works €6,600
BHIS17/LH18 Thatch The Slip Clogherhead house Re-thatch of two storey double pitch Thatched House €6,600
BHIS17/LH19 St Patrick’s Cathedral Screen Dundalk Sandstone wall & wrought iron railings Repair & consolidation of Sandstoen screen & railings €6,600
BHIS17/LH20 No. 1 Castle Rd Dundalk house Underpinning Bay window €6,600
BHIS17/LH21 Carstown House house 17th Century Securing unauthorised access to the house, Propping Floor & Firplace& timber rot survey €4,666

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