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Very windy few days in store on local weather front

Very windy few days in store on local weather front

It’s due to be very windy for the next couple of days but generally decent weather is set to follow afterwards.

That’s the verdict of Louth Weather in their latest forecast for the coming days.

Louth Weather said: “SUMMARY – Not perfect, but generally decent weather to come. Very windy Friday and Saturday, so tie down those trampolines and gazzabos.

“BACKGROUND – A deep low of 965hPa tracks north off Ireland’s West coast Friday and Saturday. It’s staying a tad further away than earlier predictions, so most of the strongest winds will be in the west of Ireland. High pressure then is the major influence on our weather, but it’s just too far south to have full control. The further south you are next week the better the weather.

THURSDAY – A bright sunny morning. During the afternoon it will become increasingly hazy as high cloud extends in from the west. Cloudy but dry this evening. SE winds start light but pick up as the day progresses. Max 18°C. Wet and windy Thursday night. We could see close to 10mm rain tonight which will be the most we have seen in over two months. Minimum 12°C.

“FRIDAY – A bright start and indeed quite a lot of sunshine throughout the day. However by afternoon we will also see quite a few showers about too. A very windy day for the time of year. SW winds gusting to 75kph by the afternoon, so if you do have any items in your garden that may take flight, make sure you secure them later today! However, if you can get sheltered from this wind, it will be quite pleasant in the sun at 16°C.

“SATURDAY – A similar day to Friday with strong SW winds and a mix of sunny spells and showers. Somewhat cloudier, however the winds should be a bit lighter and the showers fewer, so a slight improvement overall.

“SUNDAY – SW winds easing but still a windy day. Dry. Some sunny breaks but mostly cloudy. Max 18°C.

“NEXT WEEK – Pressure generally between 1025 and 1030hPa. Winds easing, generally moderate from a SW direction. Mostly dry. Temperatures into the mid teens most days, though a bit cooler mid week.”

You can follow Louth Weather’s updates here.