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Warning issued over presence of jellyfish in local waters

Warning issued over presence of jellyfish in local waters

Local people intending to visit a beach over the weekend have been warned to be on the lookout for jellyfish.

The recent good weather has seen more and more people flock to the seaside but an infestation of the dangerous Lion’s Mane jellyfish has brought hazards with it.

To date five people have been hospitalised having been stung by them. The jellyfish do not normally arrive until later in the year but they have already stung one teenage boy on Port Beach, north of Clogherhead.

Jack Dunne was swimming at the beach when the jellyfish stuck to his shoulder.

His mother Melissa told The Irish Independent: “Its tentacles went around his legs and waist.

“His friends rang me and when we got to the beach he was on his hands and knees and finding it hard to breathe.”

His parents brought him to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda.

Mellissa said on the journey there Jack was vomiting and in pain.

“By the time we got to the hospital he was starting to lose the feeling in one of his legs with the pain.

“It was a horrible experience for him.”

He was given strong anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories and was much better the following day.

She said the jellyfish was a Lion’s Mane and they were also at Clogherhead Beach.

Lion’s Mane jellyfish have previously been sited in the north of the county at Gyles Quay and Templetown and caution is advised.

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