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Weather set to continue to deteriorate this week with rainfall above normal

Weather set to continue to deteriorate this week with rainfall above normal

The weather will continue to deteriorate this week with rainfall totals above normal.

That’s according to Louth Weather in their latest forecast in the week ahead.

Louth Weather said: “It looks like our weather deteriorates with each new phase on the Covid-19 roadmap!


  • Cooler than normal
  • Rainfall totals above normal
  • Very little sunshine
  • Windy Monday, Friday and the weekend
  • My pick of the week – Thursday

“BACKGROUND – Low pressure that provided the wind and rain at the weekend is still hanging around Scotland today. A very weak area of high close by on Thursday, but then it’s back to more lows passing north of us.

MONDAY – Dull and cloudy for most of the day. Patchy rain on and off, but it will be lighter and drier than yesterday. Fresh westerly winds. Max 16°C. Cloudy but mostly dry tonight. Minimum of 12°C.

“TUESDAY – Cloudy. Some rain during the morning but mostly dry for the afternoon and evening. Moderate westerly winds. Max 16°C.

“WEDNESDAY – Some sunny spells breaking through but a few showers in the mix too, especially during the afternoon. Light to moderate northerly winds. Max 17°C.

“THURSDAY – A mostly dry day with a mix of sunny spells and clouds. Moderate northerly winds. Max 17°C.

“FRIDAY – Cloudy with rain (most likely through the afternoon and evening). Fresh SW winds. Max 17°C.

“THE WEEKEND – Early indications suggest a lot of cloud, but mostly dry weather. Windy with fresh SW winds.

“FURTHER OUTLOOK – Unfortunately as in previous weeks, I’m not seeing any signs of a prolonged return to dry sunny settled weather in the next two weeks.”

You can follow Louth Weather’s updates here.