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Worst of Storm Callum set to hit this area between 2am and 5am

Worst of Storm Callum set to hit this area between 2am and 5am

This area should avoid the worst of Storm Callum but caution has still been advised by Louth Weather.

An orange weather warning comes into force for Co Louth and every other area of the country with a coastline this evening with winds of up to 130kph forecast by Met Éireann.

However, the peak gusts are expected to only reach 90kph in this area, most likely overnight. Nevertheless Louth Weather has advised caution pointing out that “Storm Callum has the potential to cause damage” even if they expect the bulk of this to be in the west of the country.

Their latest forecast this morning reads: “A windy morning to come as a low pressure system passes north, off the west coast of Ireland. Mostly cloudy with patchy rain on and off through the morning. The rain will likely turn heavier and more persistent around lunchtime and we will see the strongest winds today around this time. Note also that there’s a high tide just after 1pm, so be careful near the coast.

“Once this rain passes in the early afternoon, we will see breaks appear in the sky and the sun should appear. Winds will ease off too. However it will turn noticeably colder. The temperature was 17°C at 1am this morning, by 3pm this afternoon it will only be 12°C.

“A clear dry start to Thursday night. SE winds will begin to pick up from about 8pm. It will be a slow increase and it will be 1am by the time they reach the strength they are this morning. From 2am to 5am the winds will continue to increase reaching peak gusts of around 90kph. After that we will see a gradual easing of wind speeds, but it will remain windy throughout Friday.

“It’s important to note that these are volatile situations and rapid changes can occur. The winds may arrive several hours earlier than expected. The low centre may drift further west and the winds will not be as strong. If it drifts further east, we would be in for stronger winds. Either way Storm Callum is coming and has the potential to cause damage (though mostly in the west of the country).”

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