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Wuxi apply for minor amendments to facility at Mullagharlin

Wuxi apply for minor amendments to facility at Mullagharlin

As part of the ongoing construction process, WuXi Vaccines have applied for planning permission to carry out minor amendments to the already approved rear yard and associated buildings element of the new facility currently under construction at Mullagharlin and Haynestown.

The application from WuXi Vaccines Ireland Ltd is for a reconfiguration of the rear yard based equipment and associated buildings approved under existing planning permissions.

The main purpose of the reconfigured layout is to provide for better and safer truck and van access to the equipment located in the yard

The proposed development is minor in nature and scope and consists of a minor relocation of previous yard-based items including small storage buildings and buildings to house equipment. No new functions or materials are required beyond those items previous permitted.

The reconfigured yard elements are of the same nature and scale as those previously anticipated. The development will occupy broadly the same area and the same layout as the original yard. There are no additional or new environmental impacts anticipated from the reconfiguration.
Work is progressing on the construction of the new state of the art WuXi Vaccines manufacturing facility at the north end of the WuXi construction campus adjacent to the Mullagharlin Road.

The WuXi Vaccines manufacturing facility will comprise drug substance manufacturing and drug product manufacturing buildings as well as Quality Control labs. It is due to open in 2024.

When operational the facility will produce vaccine products for supply to the global market. Due to process complexity, extensive analytic testing and rigorous regulatory standards, vaccines are difficult to manufacture, and process and quality control are critically important.

This project to exclusively manufacture a vaccine for a large global pharmaceutical company is among the first of its kind in the industry and is further testimony to the technical strengths, premier quality, and commercial manufacturing expertise which WuXi Vaccines is bringing to Dundalk.